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New Manufacturing Method Expected To Improve Wind Energy Efficiency
January 2013

A new method of manufacturing wind turbine blades, used in the capturing of energy that produces power, is expected to enable the construction of much larger wind turbines with higher efficiency and lower costs.

ICME Implementation Study Teams Announced
December 2012

The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society (TMS) announced the teams that will study and identify key steps needed to extend and accelerate implementation of the emerging discipline of integrated computational materials engineering (ICME) in the automotive, aerospace/aircraft, and maritime industries.

Research Improves Old Technology Making Comeback Possible
November 2012

In work supported by the Petroleum Research Fund of the American Chemical Society, researchers have taken a new look at an old, but seldom-used technique developed by the petroleum industry to recover oil…

Germ-Killing Copper Technology Unveiled
October 2012

When Adam Estelle graduated from the University of Arizona’s (UA) materials science and engineering program four years ago, he had no idea he would become involved in saving thousands of lives.

New Device Monitors Schoolroom Air For Carbon Dioxide Levels
September 2012

With nearly 55 million students, teachers and school staff about to return to elementary and secondary school classrooms, scientists recently described a new hand-held sensor…

Biosolar Breakthrough May Change Electrical Power Generation
August 2012

Barry D. Bruce, professor of biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville (UT), is turning the term “power plant” on its head.

Biofuel Demand Impacts Forest Land-Use Decisions
July 2012

The drive to develop crops for use as biofuel, continues to raise questions about additional uses of forest land.

Researchers Develop Hybrid Cable Design
June 2012

Sometimes total electrical isolation is a good thing — and that’s the idea behind a power-over-fiber (PoF) communications cable being developed by engineers at Sandia National Laboratories.

Professor Tasked To Assess Effects of Oil Spill
May 2012

April 2012 marked two years since the explosion aboard the Deepwater Horizon oil rig caused vast quantities of crude oil to flow into the Gulf of Mexico.

Price Parity For Solar Power
April 2012

It’s time to stop thinking of solar energy as a boutique source of power, says Joshua Pearce. Sure, solar only generates about 1 percent of the electricity in the U.S. But that will change shortly…

CAFE Standards Create Financial Incentive
March 2012

The current Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards create a financial incentive for auto companies to make bigger vehicles that are allowed to meet lower targets, according to results of a new University of Michigan (U-M) study.

The Opening of I-295/Meadowville Technology Parkway Interchange Celebrated
January 2012

Timmons Group is pleased to announce that on December 15th, VDOT and Chesterfield County officials celebrated the opening of the long-awaited interchange on Interstate 295 at Meadowville Technology Parkway.

Nuclear Power Plants Being Considered For Outer Space Bases
December 2011

The first nuclear power plant being considered for production of electricity for manned or unmanned bases on the Moon, Mars and other planets may really look like it came from outer space…

Landfill Reprieve: New Life for Tired Turf
November 2011

Today a lot of jurisdictions and school districts of all sizes have at least one synthetic turf field if not more, with many of these fields coming to the end of their lifespan.

Study Highlights Keys To Innovation’s Magic Formula
October 2011

University scientists and engineers are more likely to produce inventions and patents if they work in an environment where management supports and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and commercialization…

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