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CAFE Standards Create Financial Incentive
March 2012

The current Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards create a financial incentive for auto companies to make bigger vehicles that are allowed to meet lower targets, according to results of a new University of Michigan (U-M) study.

The Opening of I-295/Meadowville Technology Parkway Interchange Celebrated
January 2012

Timmons Group is pleased to announce that on December 15th, VDOT and Chesterfield County officials celebrated the opening of the long-awaited interchange on Interstate 295 at Meadowville Technology Parkway.

Nuclear Power Plants Being Considered For Outer Space Bases
December 2011

The first nuclear power plant being considered for production of electricity for manned or unmanned bases on the Moon, Mars and other planets may really look like it came from outer space…

Landfill Reprieve: New Life for Tired Turf
November 2011

Today a lot of jurisdictions and school districts of all sizes have at least one synthetic turf field if not more, with many of these fields coming to the end of their lifespan.

Study Highlights Keys To Innovation’s Magic Formula
October 2011

University scientists and engineers are more likely to produce inventions and patents if they work in an environment where management supports and encourages interdisciplinary collaboration and commercialization…

Technology Offers Fundamental Breakthrough
September 2011

Sandia National Laboratories has developed a new technology with the potential to dramatically alter the air-cooling landscape in computing and microelectronics.

First Steps Taken To Understand How Plants Respond To Extreme Changes
August 2011

Over time, plants have evolved to adapt to a constantly changing, often hostile, environment. Unfortunately, they are facing a new and difficult challenge ahead.

Direct Air Capture of CO2 with Chemicals
July 2011

The American Physical Society has released a new assessment — Direct Air Capture of carbon dioxide (CO2) with Chemicals — to better inform the scientific community on the technical aspects of removing CO2 from the atmosphere.

Senior Design Expo 2011 Highlights Future Engineers
June 2011

The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Engineering has again provided a glimpse into the future of engineering with their Senior Design Expo 2011…

Cleanly Extracting Tar Sands and Fouled Beach Oil
May 2011

An environmentally friendlier method of separating oil from tar sands has been developed by a team of researchers at Penn State.

New Formula Identifies Optimal Turbine Spacing
April 2011

Large wind farms are being built around the world as a cleaner way to generate electricity, but operators are still searching for the most efficient way to arrange the massive turbines that turn moving air into power.

Transportation Infrastructure Vulnerability Evaluated
March 2011

Researchers from the University of Virginia’s (U.Va.) School of Engineering and Applied Science, along with collaborators at the Virginia Center for Transportation Innovation and Research, are leading a project to evaluate a risk assessment model…

Bacteria Eats Away At RMS Titanic
January 2011

The greatest piece of material evidence regarding the sinking of the Titanic—the wreck itself—may soon be lost…

Redesigned Airplanes Inadvertently Resemble Birds
December 2010

Airplanes do not look much like birds, unless you were to imagine a really weird bird or a very strange plane, but should they?

Helping Pharmaceutical Production Go Green
November 2010

Today, the production of a single kilogram of pharmaceuticals often yields hundreds of kilograms of chemical waste.

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