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Commonwealth Registers More Than 130 New PE's
August 2009

Over 130 candidates from Virginia successfully passed the April 2009 Professional Engineer licensing exam. The newly licensed PE’s include: Andrea W. Agee, P.E., of Reston; Satish K. Airi, P.E., of Culpeper; Fadi G. Al-Chammas, P.E., of Forest; Paul V. Ashcraft, P.E., of Chesapeake; Tahseen H. Bakeer, P.E., of Fairfax; Meredith L. Baker, P.E., of Leesburg; Rebecca H. Bane, P.E., of Bland; Carl P. Bell, P.E., of Fredericksburg; David A. Berman, P.E., of Arlington; Paul Bode, P.E., of Fredericksburg; Christian O. Bowen, P.E., of Woodbridge; Robert A. Brown, P.E., of Rileyville; Paul D. Bryant, P.E., of Forest; and Andrew T. Burkholder, P.E., of Roanoke.

Also, Darrell F. Caison, P.E., of Reston; Scott R. Canfield, P.E., of Richmond; Lauren R. Caputo, P.E., of Arlington; Timothy P. Carroll, P.E., of Palmyra; Scott N. Clark, P.E., of Arlington; Kevin M. Cogley, P.E., of King George; Kari A. Conklin, P.E., of Quinton; Holly M. Cook, P.E., of Chesapeake; Stephen E. Crowell, P.E., of Alexandria; Kyle M. Daihl, P.E., of Centreville; Hai X. Dang, P.E., of Alexandria; Hien N. Dang, P.E., of Mechanicsville; Jennifer D. De Vaughn, P.E., of Richmond; Lisa De Vellis, P.E., of Charlottesville; Michelle R. Defreese, P.E., of Midlothian; Thakur P. Dhakal, P.E., of Fairfax; Daniel T. Eberhardt, P.E., of Roanoke; David B. Ellington, P.E., of Mechanicsville; Tara Eschenfelder, P.E., of Richmond; William M. Eschenfelder, P.E., of Richmond; Hani Fawaz, P.E., of Springfield; Randall J. Flowers, P.E., of Lovettsville; Margaret M. Frazier, P.E., of King George; Andrew P. Ganey, P.E., of Portsmouth; Carol L. Garvey, P.E., of Blacksburg; Lauren M. Geiger, P.E., of Herndon; Daniel W. Gibson, P.E., of Christiansburg; and Robert J. Gwaltney, P.E., of Springfield.

Also, Paige B. Hackler, P.E., of Charlottesville; Amy C. Hamlin, P.E., of Portsmouth; Megan D. Hawk, P.E., of Alexandria; Jamie L. Headley, P.E., of Falls Church; Travis S. Higgs, P.E., of Christiansburg; Jeremy D. Hollands, P.E., of Norfolk; Curtis B. Holloway, P.E., of Fredericksburg; Christopher N. Houlihan, P.E., of Highland Springs; Richard C. Hughes, P.E., of Hardy; Kevin S. Hurt, P.E., of Roanoke; Cyrus A. Jabbari, P.E., of McLean; John E. James, P.E., of Alexandria; Shanshan Jin, P.E., of Fairfax; Craig T. Jones, P.E., of Max Meadows; Susan C. Jones, P.E., of Alexandria; Sarah E. Juckett, P.E., of Arlington; Craig J. Kelley, P.E., of Lynchburg; Durga D. Kharel, P.E., of Herndon; Stephanie Joyce L. Konopa, P.E., of Falls Church; Brice R. Kutch, P.E., of Reston; Kendall C. Lacks, P.E., of Lynchburg; Francesco A. Lauretti, P.E., of Vienna; Byoung Jun Lee, P.E., of Centreville; Megan E. Leitch, P.E., of Fairfax; Andrew I. Lenard, P.E., of Alexandria; Louise N. Leongson, P.E., of Vienna; Daniel N. Lieber, P.E., of Salem; Robert M. Lowe, P.E., of Annandale; Samer H. Mahmoud, P.E., of Lynchburg; Michael E. Malandro, P.E., of Waverly; Sean L. Mallahan, P.E., of Salem; Matthew J. Manchisi, P.E., of Arlington; Louie A. McTall, P.E., of Norfolk; Stephen C. McElroy, P.E., of Big Stone Gap; Steven P. McGee, P.E., of Stafford; Ian S. Millikan, P.E., of Midlothian; Christopher M. Minton, P.E., of Mechanicsville; Jonathan B. Morrison, P.E., of Staunton; and Nebojsa Mrdalj, P.E., of Virginia Beach.

Other successful candidates included Colleen M. Nasta, P.E., of Fairfax; Jessie C. Nester, P.E., of Christiansburg; Minh D. Nguyen, P.E., of Centreville; Mircea Niculescu, P.E., of Arlington; John H. O’Brien, P.E., of Fort Lee; Tae Y. Oey, P.E., of Herndon; Andrew W. Olsen, P.E., of Virginia Beach; Benjamin A. Oltmann, P.E., of Lansdowne; Christopher R. Oneil, P.E., of Alexandria; Suresh P. Parashar, P.E., of Chantilly; Matthew C. Pelton, P.E., of Virginia Beach; Amanda S. Pennington, P.E., of Matoaca; Kevin K. Porter, P.E., of Arlington; Lawrence B. Ramsey, P.E., of Fairfax; Matthew M. Randall, P.E., of Arlington; Stephen W. Read, P.E., of Midlothian; Laura E. Reed, P.E., of Norfolk; Jeremy R. Reiderman, P.E., of Chantilly; Michelle R. Richard, P.E., of Richmond; Janet L. Rogel, P.E., of Richmond; Eric E. Sanborn, P.E., of Blacksburg; Peter W. Saxe, P.E., of Alexandria; Keith O. Schnupp, P.E., of Ashburn; Jennifer K. Shea, P.E., of Fredericksburg; Kateri L. Simon, P.E., of Richmond; Steven M. Smith, P.E., of Shawsville; Daniel L. Spivey, P.E., of Virginia Beach; Samuel J. Statz, P.E., of Falls Church; Gregg L. Steverson, P.E., of Centreville; Adam C. Stewart, P.E., of McLean; Kevin W. Stewart, P.E., of Hayes; Ian J. Stifle, P.E., of Newport News; Jason A. Stull, P.E., of Chesapeake; Daniel T. Sutton, P.E., of Lynchburg; Timothy R. Thomas II, P.E., of Lynchburg; Justin C. Tobias, P.E., of Arlington; Cardiel A. Trevizo, P.E., of Falls Church; Jonathan K. Tuil, P.E., of Arlington; Jeff E. Vish, P.E., of Clifton; and Balakrishnan Viswanathan, P.E., of Chantilly.

Also, Daniel M. Wagner, P.E., of Woodbridge; Jamie R. Wagner, P.E., of Virginia Beach; Sarah J. Walls, P.E., of Suffolk; Xiaohai Wang, P.E., of Falls Church; L. S. Warr, P.E., of Glen Allen; Michael E. Wells, P.E., of Mechanicsville; Byron M. Wender, P.E., of Richmond; Daryl W. Whipkey, P.E., of Forest; Matthew S. Williams, P.E., of Virginia Beach; Todd A. Williams, P.E., of Roanoke; Douglas A. Wisniewski, P.E., of Springfield; Jessyca B. Woodruff, P.E., of Roanoke; Stanislav Y. Yanev, P.E., of Sterling; M.D. Yousuf, P.E., of Richmond; Richard C. Zaepfel, P.E., of Leesburg; Jeffrey M. Zellers, P.E., of Fairfax; and Adam E. Zimmerman, P.E., of Spotsylvania.

Congratulations are extended to each of the successful candidates as they begin their careers as Professional Engineers.

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