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Engineers will be called upon to find solutions for the challenges the world will face in the 21st century. These articles highlight the diversity of the work which continues in the search for those solutions.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Visits Jefferson Lab
March 2018

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry on February 21st visited the U.S. Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab), one of the nation’s premier national laboratories for nuclear physics research and accelerator science.

Staff Scientist Latifa Elouadrhiri (r) uses a display in Experimental Hall B to explain the detector systems used in CLAS12 to Secretary of Energy Rick Perry. Credit: Jefferson Lab photo.

As the top official at the U.S. Department of Energy, the Secretary oversees Jefferson Lab and the 16 other DOE National Laboratories that form the backbone of the nation’s scientific infrastructure. During his visit, Secretary Perry noted Jefferson Lab’s unique role within the DOE lab system.

Commenting on what he experienced of Jefferson Lab during his compressed visit, Secretary Perry observed, “I’m not sure there’s any other place in the federal government that has a more important role than what you are doing.”

During his visit, the Secretary received briefings, spoke with students participating in one of the lab’s long-running STEM programs, toured portions of the lab, spoke with researchers and led a Town Hall meeting.

On the tour, Secretary Perry visited portions of the Continuous Electron Beam Accelerator Facility (CEBAF), where he spoke with a few of the more than 1,500 scientists who use CEBAF’s world-leading research capabilities to conduct experiments that could lead to a new understanding of the nucleus of the atom and how its most basic building blocks make up the visible matter of our universe.

According to information, the Secretary also visited the laboratory’s Data Center and its Superconducting Radiofrequency (SRF) Institute where scientists and engineers are continually pushing the boundaries to enhance and improve particle acceleration capabilities and technologies. Staff showed off their R&D work and the highly specialized particle acceleration devices they are constructing for the LCLS-II project at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory.

The Town Hall meeting, attended by lab leadership, staff and visiting scientists, concluded the Secretary’s visit to Jefferson Lab.

He was passionate in his praise of the work carried out at the national labs. And, referring to his year leading the Department of Energy, Secretary Perry said, “…I have never worked with people that I find more interesting, more intelligent, more patriotic than the men and women in the national labs.”

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Secretary of Energy Rick Perry Visits Jefferson Lab
March 2018

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry on February 21st visited the U.S. Department of Energy’s Thomas Jefferson National Accelerator Facility (Jefferson Lab)…

Engineers Week 2018
February 2018

Founded in 1951 by the National Society of Professional Engineers (NSPE), Engineers Week, one of the oldest of America’s professional outreach efforts, celebrates its 67th anniversary in 2018.

Findings Suggest Authentic Research Programs Keep Students In Science
January 2018

Over the last nine years, more than 8,800 bacteria-infecting viruses have been discovered by students exploring scientific research for the first time – most during their first year of college.

Cricket Media and IEEE Team Up To Launch TryEngineering Together™
December 2017

As part of the global commitment to develop a robust STEM workforce for the future, Cricket Media, Inc. and IEEE

Poplar Trees Clean Up Superfund Sites With Help From Probiotics
November 2017

Researchers from the University of Washington (UW) and several small companies have conducted the first large-scale experiment on a Superfund site using poplar trees fortified with a probiotic…

Center For Innovative Technology Awarded $4.8 Million To Enhance Smart Cities
October 2017

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) recently announced a $4.8 million contract award to the Center for Innovative Technology (CIT) of Herndon, Virginia…

VCU Engineering’s Medicines for All Institute Awarded $25 Million
September 2017

The Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Engineering has been awarded a $25 million grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to establish the Medicines for All Institute and to fund the institute’s work on a wide range of essential global health treatments.

Torc Self-Driving Car Welcomed Home From Cross-Country Trip
August 2017

After driving itself through 20 states on its maiden cross-country road trip, the Torc self-driving car recently gave a test ride to Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe and Secretary of Technology Karen Jackson as they welcomed it home.

Retrofit Project in Waynesboro Brings City to Life
July 2017

To the naked eye, the detention basin that stretched across 10-acres in the City of Waynesboro didn’t look like much other than a large grassed field. However, to the stormwater specialists at Timmons Group and City staff, the underutilized basin was seen as the perfect opportunity to construct a thriving new wetland ecosystem.

2017 Global Grand Challenges Summit Announced
June 2017

The third Global Grand Challenges Summit (GGCS), jointly organized by the U.S. National Academy of Engineering (NAE), the U.K. Royal Academy of Engineering (RAE), and the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), will be held July 18-20, 2017…

RVBA Delivers Dark Fiber To RAMP On Budget and Ahead Of Schedule
May 2017

The Roanoke Valley Broadband Authority (RVBA) has delivered dark fiber optic broadband connectivity to the Regional Acceleration and Mentoring Program (RAMP) on budget and ahead of schedule.

GORDON Paints Parking Spaces To Honor Wounded Veterans
April 2017

GORDON, a veteran-owned engineering and design firm, has established at its Chantilly Headquarters two parking spaces reserved for wounded military veterans.

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