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What Every Meeting Planner Must Know to Organize a Great Event
July 2013

Hire a speaker who is a fit for your meeting and you can change the lives, thinking, or behavior of your attendees.

By Joe Heaps & Dave Reed

4 Ways Engineers Can Avoid the “Dark” Side of Technology
May 2013

I have come to wonder, is there a “dark side” to the unbridled speed that technological solutions provide in our industry? Is it possible that these tools hinder the true understanding of a project? As wonderful as technology is, it creates new challenges in quality control of the final product.

By Greg Koontz, PE, LS

How to Keep a Positive Attitude in Challenging Times
April 2013

Learning to position yourself at an advantageous angle can make the difference of whether you experience the best or the worst of your current circumstances.

By Andres Lara

Customer Connect with CLOUT for Improved Results
March 2013

When people don’t feel that there is a connection, they don’t feel valued and that important foundation of trust becomes shattered.

By Chuck Inman

Memorable Presentations Require You To T.H.I.N.K.
February 2013

Presenting technical, complicated material need not be a chore when you T.H.I.N.K.!

By Kevin E. O’Connor, CSP

The Top 5 Pitfalls that Derail Corporate Decision Making
January 2013

Despite the wealth of information available to us these days, many of today’s best and brightest business leaders still make poor decisions. This is unfortunate, because sound decision making is at the heart of every company’s success.

By Michael Menard

You Know You’re Smart, But What About Your Emotional Intelligence?
December 2012

The commercials on television today talk endlessly about treatments for low this and low that, but unfortunately, we don’t hear much about low Emotional Intelligence (EQ).

By Lee Ellis

Cleaning Up Our Act
November 2012

Despite somewhat more common perceptions that petroleum, because of growing energy needs, or rare earth metals, because they support growing electronic technology applications, would command top spot in a list of most valuable resources, in truth, water…

by Dougie Coburn

Solving Bullying in the Boardroom
October 2012

Imagine a CEO taking Imodium right before each board meeting and Tylenol after each meeting to soothe the frightening feeling of being terrorized by power-abusing board members routinely reminding the CEO, “You work at the pleasure of the board.”

By Dr. Marty Martin

Using Fear to Your Advantage in Leadership
September 2012

There you are, standing at the helm of your sailboat in the midst of the worst storm of your life. You hold tight to the wheel as the boat flies off the top of a 30-foot wave.

By Larry Jacobson

Remember to Have Fun!
August 2012

Phil, a manager at a tech firm, prides himself on his commitment to his career. He counts rigorous self-discipline as one of his strengths, and expects the same of his subordinates, privately frowning on such “nonsense” in the workplace as birthday cakes and office parties.

By Marti MacGibbon

Six Ways to Motivate Top Talent in De-Motivating Times
July 2012

To retain your top talent it is absolutely critical to ensure they are motivated. In difficult times this is often not high on the priority list of managers or CEOs.

By Brad Remillard

Make Your Own Managerial Impact: Avoid Your Boss’s mistakes.
June 2012

After years of hard work, you’ve made your way through the company’s ranks and have finally received the recognition you deserve by getting the promotion you’ve been dreaming of.

By Esther Francis Joseph

Value: What Your Customers Really Want
May 2012

How many times do you hear, “The customer only cares about the price”? Most companies or individuals will say they hear it all the time. Price is only an issue when it is presented as the only benefit (or primary benefit).

By Nathan Jamail

ATMAE: Certification Puts One Resume Ahead of all the Others in the Springtime Jobs Race
April 2012

Spring is in the air and graduation is right around the corner.

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