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Identify Your Employees by the Theory of 21
September 2014

“For every person who will say yes, there are twenty who will say no. For a positive response you must find the twenty-first person.” – The Theory of 21

By Chuck Reaves

Seven Tips for Hiring “A Players”
August 2014

Your business doesn’t run itself. The quality of your organization depends on the quality of your team—a motivated, energized staff is the key to companywide success. You want A Players, those colleagues who contribute disproportionately to the advancement and profitability of the organization.

By Richard J. Bryan

Top 10 Presentation Skills Challenges Your Sales Team Is Not Telling You!
July 2014

The biggest challenge for a newer sales team might be how they actually feel when they give their presentations. Many first time speakers want to feel confident, want to engage their audience, and want to feel good about actually giving their presentation. But how is this achieved?

By Scott Topper

5 Qualities of a Lasting Leader
June 2014

Leadership isn’t just something you do, it’s someone you become. But that requires a personal transformation, not just a personal agenda.

By Barry Banther

Are You Talkin’ to Me?
May 2014

In today’s corporate world, leaders need excellent communication skills. Many are being asked to do more with fewer resources while also dealing with the stresses of a corporation that is downsizing and/or tightening budgets.

By Ted Gorski

Constructive Confrontation in the Workplace: Three Things to Keep in Mind
April 2014

To successfully navigate workplace conflict, managers must be able to confront team members in a positive, productive manner.

By Tomás Garza

Leading in Crisis: The Four Traps of Decision Making
March 2014

Leadership in crisis is ultimately about decision making. Other critical steps, such as recognizing and isolating the crisis prepare you to make decisions, while the deployment of resources are based on the decisions made by the leader.

By Lucien Canton

February 2014

In 1995, Resource International, Ltd (Resource) was retained by Westmoreland County to develop a plan for collection, treatment, and disposal of wastewater throughout the County. Prior to this study, there were no County-owned and maintained wastewater collection or treatment systems.

Written by Charles Riedlinger, P.E. and Norm Risavi, County Administrator

To Drive Performance, Manage the Whole Employee
January 2014

The term “human resources management” is essential in business. But have you noticed that the majority of the literature about the topic focuses on the “resources” and the “management” aspects but barely addresses the “human” element?

By Marty Martin Psy.D.

Just Because You Couldn’t Doesn’t Mean You Can’t
December 2013

It is said we spend 70% of our time in our comfort zone, when we should really spend 80% of our time in our uncomfortable zone. Where do you spend your time?

Walt Grassl

The Value of a Whistleblower: How to Build a Culture of Ethics within Your Company
November 2013

Over 40% of ethical blunders reported to employers are reported by co-workers or those who witness the issue.

By Chuck Gallagher

Story Works. Why Don’t Business Leaders Use It?
October 2013

Fair or unfair, stories shape corporate futures.

By Robert McKee

Lower the Anxiety Associated With Change
September 2013

Recognizing the positives and eliminating the negatives will lower the anxiety associated with change.

By Tom Somodi

Work With Intention: The Three Components of Performance Time
August 2013

Everything you want to accomplish in life requires an investment of your time, so you must consider the fact that your supply of time is limited.

By Brian Moran

What Every Meeting Planner Must Know to Organize a Great Event
July 2013

Hire a speaker who is a fit for your meeting and you can change the lives, thinking, or behavior of your attendees.

By Joe Heaps & Dave Reed

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