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2006 Readers' Choice Award Winners Announced
February 5, 2007

What do Google, Sony, Ikea, Corona and Apple have in common? They are the winners of brandchannel’s sixth annual Readers’ Choice Awards, which recognize the brands with the greatest impact on our lives in 2006.

Since 2001, brandchannel has presented Readers’ Choice Awards annually to the brands that had the most impact (negative or positive) on our lives. 3,625 readers from 100 countries voted in the 2006 Readers’ Choice survey, which was conducted from November through December 2006. Voters are allowed to choose up to five brands per region. No single section is mandatory and rankings are compiled purely on the basis of readers’ votes. Analysis of results and lists of all ranking brands from the past six years are available at

Conducted by brandchannel, the leading online magazine about branding, this survey ranks brands from Asia to Latin America by impact. Not necessarily generating the largest profits or highest values, winners are the brands that make you stand up and take notice.

Google holds on to its title as the Readers’ Choice for the brand with the strongest global impact for a second consecutive year. Fighting for the top spot with Apple year after year since the survey began, its influence is summed up by one reader, “Google and all their subbrands: blogger, gmail, reader have affected my life more than the others combined.”

Readers also launch video-sharing website YouTube and reference website Wikipedia into the top five global and North American rankings.

“The dramatic debut of these newcomers—YouTube in third and Wikipedia in fourth—is an indication of a larger trend, the growing impact of online brands built on user-generated content,” comments editor Anthony Zumpano, “particularly in North America where MySpace debuts in 15th and craigslist jumps to seventh from 39th, where it first appeared in 2003.”

Regional award winners include Sony in Asia-Pacific, Corona in Central & Latin America and Apple in North America, where each defends its title as the brand with the greatest impact in its respective region. Moving up one spot, Ikea claims this title from Nokia, the previous Readers’ Choice in Europe & Africa.

Brandchannel is a Webby Business Award-winning online magazine dedicated to providing the world’s leading online exchange about branding. Launched in 2001, it features global, comprehensive perspectives across industries. Read by 91,000 subscribers and thousands more real-world practitioners and thought leaders from 120 countries, brandchannel is an editorially independent endeavor of Interbrand, which supports its goal of creating an objective, central portal for branding knowledge.

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