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2008-09 ASFE Directory Now Available
December 9, 2008

The new 2008-2009 ASFE Directory is now available. It lists offices of Member Firms that, in aggregate, employ some 125,000 technical and other personnel. The new 2008-2009 ASFE Directory also:

  • includes contact information for members (individual associate members, Member Firms, and Professional Colleagues) in alphabetical order and by state and country;
  • identifies members of ASFE’s Board of Directors, committees, and task forces and presents the mission and 2008-09 objectives of each committee and task force;
  • transmits ASFE’s 2008-09 annual plan;
  • provides an overview of ASFE’s programs, services, and materials; and
  • includes a key-name directory.

The new 2008-2009 ASFE Directory is available to members free of charge. Obtain a copy at ASFE’s website or by contacting ASFE Resources Manager Alpha Moore at or 301/565-2733, ext. 225.

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