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2009 First Choice Business Award Winners
June 3, 2009

from left: Art Warren, Chairman, Board of Supervisors for the Clover Hill District; James J.L. Stegmaier, County Administrator; and Ray Birk, Vice President and General Manager of SRC's plant in Chesterfield Co.

Each year Chesterfield County honors local companies that contribute to the county’s economy and its citizens through the annual First Choice Business Awards. The intent is to give recognition to businesses that consistently contribute to the community by giving back to the residents of Chesterfield County through community service, that create and deliver products or services that are innovative to its customers, is a leader in valuing its employees, and upholds the principles and standards of ethical business practices.

The Innovation Impact Award winner was Super Radiator Coils. Although Super Radiator’s core business is the manufacturer of heat transfer coils for the residential, commercial and industrial markets, they recently completed the construction of a Wind Tunnel. This machine will enable their engineering staff to further refine their computer design software to ensure accuracy and design the most cost effective solution for their customers.

The 2009 First Choice Business of the Year was also awarded to Super Radiator Coils. Super Radiator Coils has been in business for 80 years and at their current Chesterfield location for 28. The company President is Rob Holt and Ray Birk is the Vice President of Operations. Super Radiator Coils designs and manufactures heat transfer coils for the residential, commercial and industrial markets. While these coils could end up in a person’s back yard as a condenser for an A/C system, it is just as likely that one of these coils could be used in a coal fired power plant or on an IBM super computer.

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