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2012 Survey Ranks Virginia Tech's College of Engineering
March 28, 2011

Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering continues to climb higher among the nation’s 25 best engineering schools for graduate studies, according to “U.S. News and World Report’s” America’s Best Graduate Schools 2012 survey.

Virginia Tech College of Engineering graduate and undergraduate students build autonomous aircraft for competitions and as part of federally funded projects at the Unmanned Systems Lab, located on Plantation Road.

The latest annual survey ranks the College of Engineering at 24, one place ahead of its 2011 ranking. It’s the highest ranking the school has ever held on this list. Six individual Virginia Tech engineering graduate programs rank in the top 15 of their field, according to the survey, released recently.

Boasting some 2,000 graduate students, the College of Engineering’s graduate program ranked 25th in the 2011 survey, and 28th in the 2009 listing. This year it again ranks as the highest ranked engineering school in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Among fellow public universities, it ranks 13th in the nation.

By individual program, the Charles E.Via Jr. Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering ranks ninth among civil engineering programs, with the environmental engineering program tying for seventh; the Grado Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering ranks fourth for industrial/manufacturing programs; the biological systems engineering department, also part of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, ranks seventh among biological/agricultural programs; mechanical engineering ranks 14th in its division and the aerospace program ranks 15th, tying with the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.

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