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2016 World Water Day Events Scheduled
March 15, 2016

With a 100-year legacy of deploying the latest safety measures and technologies into the built environment, the International Code Council (ICC) is hosting and participating in several events surrounding 2016 World Water Day on March 22, 2016 to raise awareness about the importance of water conservation and efficiency.

The Code Council is supporting the White House Water Summit on March 22 to raise awareness of water issues and potential solutions in the U.S., and to catalyze ideas and actions to help build a sustainable and secure water future through innovative science and technology. The summit will be livestreamed on

On March 21, ICC’s Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) meeting will be held at the National Institute of Building Sciences in Washington, D.C. With a diverse membership representing designers, planners, manufacturers, contractors and others in the industry, the IAC promotes public health, safety and welfare in the built environment by serving as a national forum for the building community to interface with the Code Council.

In response to a call from industry and in a deal nearly two years in the making, ICC and American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers last year signed a final agreement that outlined each organization’s role in the future development and maintenance of the International Green Construction Code. On March 23, the Water Efficiency Working Group of the Standing Standards Project Committee (SSPC) 189.1 will be meeting at the American Gas Association in Washington, D.C., to discuss matters of water efficiency and conservation. Included will be Claudia Copeland, a Specialist in Resources and Environmental Policy for the Congressional Research Service, who will be the guest speaker and discuss congressional interest in water conservation issues.

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