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27 Environmental Practice Guides Now Available
March 11, 2011

Twenty-seven environmental-practice guides are now available free from ASFE/The Geoprofessional Business Association. Developed by the University of Louisville’s Center for Environmental Policy and Management, the guides provide practical, useful tools to urban and regional planners and policymakers. They can be downloaded at

The practice guides cover topics such as brownfields redevelopment, environmental justice, green practices, sustainable development, smart growth, urban agriculture, and utilities. As examples, Practice Guide #10: Brownfield Redevelopment: Make It Possible! addresses non-brownfield-specific financing mechanisms. Practice Guide #18: Sustainable Hazards Mitigation is designed to help community planners and leaders enhance the livability of their communities by incorporating sustainable development principles into hazards mitigation. And Practice Guide #7: Construction & Demolition Debris Recycling for Environmental Protection and Economic Development identifies barriers to and opportunities for recycling and reusing construction debris. It also provides easy-to-understand information about assessing construction and demolition waste streams and innovative trends in recycled products with potential markets.

The University of Louisville Center for Environmental Policy and Management (CEPM), headed by Director Emeritus Dr. Peter B. Meyer and Assistant Director Dr. Lauren Heberle, seeks to improve the economic-efficiency and environmental-efficacy outcomes of governmental and business environmental-management practices. The Center specializes in those issues where economic development and environmental protection intersection, including contaminated-land redevelopment and smart-growth planning.

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