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2rw Consultants Awarded Contract
August 7, 2007

2rw Consultants, Inc. is under contract to Beaumont Hospitals, located outside of Detroit, Michigan, to develop and administer an energy/environmental awareness campaign for their employees. The goal of this program is to educate the employees on energy and environmental issues which will ultimately affect behavioral change in their energy use. By raising awareness, employees will be motivated to work toward the common goal of becoming more environmentally responsible.

A main component of the awareness program will be a website created specifically for the hospital based on the 2rw “Energy Café” platform. The website will be a dynamic, interactive, and informative way of communicating the hospital’s message of becoming “green.” Feedback on utility consumption at the facility and recognition of conscientious employees will increase action, reduce consumption, and save money. 2rw is also managing the promotional activities and marketing collateral for the hospital’s program. Occupying over 6 million square feet at two main hospital campuses, Troy and Royal Oak, Beaumont Hospital will make the awareness campaign available to more than 14,000 employees.

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