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2rw’s EnergyVibe Program Promotes Energy Awareness
March 31, 2011

EnergyVibe™ is 2rw’s customizable, cross-media energy awareness program that empowers individuals to achieve energy and water efficiency in their communities. 2rw’s EnergyVibe team is volunteering with Western Albemarle High School (WAHS) to support behavior-based energy conservation measures as part of the Connect the Dots for Schools Program.

Connect the Dots for Schools is sponsored by the James River Green Building Council (JRGBC) and pairs mentors with schools in our region to work on a green school project or program and increase environmental stewardship in our community. 2rw’s mentors will work with WAHS through May 2011 to provide support on the following three projects:

1. Implementing a “Turn-off-your-computer” campaign to encourage students to turn off computers at the end of the day.
2. Installing surge protectors with timers for laptop charging stations to reduce energy draw once the batteries are fully charged.
3. Assembling a Green Team of students for future sustainability projects and establishing a platform for internet-based communications with them.

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