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39th World Standards Day
October 2, 2008

World Standards Day is celebrated each year on October 14th to pay tribute to the efforts of thousands of experts worldwide who collaborate within IEC, ISO and ITU to develop voluntary International Standards that facilitate trade, spread knowledge and disseminate technological advances.

The theme of this year’s World Standards Day message is “Intelligent and sustainable buildings”. With a world population that has more than doubled since 1950 and is steadily moving into urban areas – half the world population is expected to be living in an urban environment by the end of 2008 – the building and construction industry has grown into one of the largest industry sectors with immense consequences for all three dimensions of sustainable development – economic, social and environmental.

Energy efficiency, safety, security and communication are issues that are crucial for the construction sector. Sustainability principles combined with state-of-the art information and communication technology (ICT) will ensure that commercial, government and residential buildings meet these requirements.

The construction sector relies increasingly on electronic devices that link to networks distributing and using digital information and media. International standards developed by IEC, ISO and ITU, based on international consensus, provide the tools to apply and implement sustainability principles and ICT connectivity efficiently and effectively on a global scale.

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