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7th Annual Global Marathon Scheduled
February 2, 2011

Innovations in engineering and technology address many of the world’s most complex challenges—clean water, new medicines, and safe roads. Everything we know has been touched by engineering. Thought leaders agree that jobs in these fields are the jobs of the future. Yet, in almost every corner of the world, there is too little talent in the science, technology, engineering, and math pipeline. One solution: Tap the potential that women offer.

Part inspiration and part information, the Global Marathon For, By and About Women in Engineering and Technology is an annual worldwide forum connecting professional women, college students and girls for virtual and in-person conversations about education and careers in engineering and technology.

The 2011 event, scheduled for March 7th-12th, has been expanded from 24 hours to six days to accommodate an increase in programming. It is the only event of its kind connecting women in engineering and technology worldwide across a diverse range of disciplines, experience levels, ages, interests, backgrounds, cultures, industries and employers.

Nan Mattai, senior vice president, Rockwell Collins Engineering & Technology is chairing. Cindy Kou, program director, Lotus Collaborative Productivity Tools, IBM China will serve as vice-chair.

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