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Temperature Change Hidden From Infrared Cameras By New Coating
January 2, 2020

An ultrathin coating developed by University of Wisconsin-Madison engineers upends a ubiquitous physics phenomenon of materials…

TCI Issues Call For Public Comment
December 31, 2020

Public input sought on a new draft proposal for a regional program to establish a cap on global warming pollution from transportation fuels.

Rocket Lab Announces Activation Of First U.S. Launch Facility
December 31, 2020

Firm plans to launch low-weight, agile rockets into orbit starting next year.

HRSD Announces SWIFT Program Presentation Day
December 30, 2020

Information will be provided regarding future partnering and contracting opportunities.

Chem-E-Car Places First In 2019 Competition
December 30, 2020

Undergraduate student team competed against 42 universities from around the world.

DOE Concludes Negotiations on VRF Equipment
December 27, 2019

Agreement reached on energy conservation standard term sheet.

New Report Focuses On U.S. Leadership In AMO Science
December 27, 2019

Federal agencies and academia should enable cross-disciplinary workforce and educational cooperation among scientists.

Study Seeks To Improve Evaporation and Condensation Processes
December 26, 2019

Findings could improve power generation, heating, air-conditioning, and manufacturing.

2019 Edition of Specifications for Refrigerants Standard Available
December 26, 2019

2019 Edition supersedes AHRI Standard 700-2017.

Using Drones May Speed Deliveries and Save Energy
December 24, 2019

Santa has always run a one-sleigh operation, but a new analysis could help him speed deliveries and save energy…

Landmark Agreement Reached To Expand Virginia’s Rail Lines
December 24, 2019

Agreement between the Commonwealth and CSX outlines a $3.7 billion investment.

New Aqueous Lithium-Ion Battery Developed
December 23, 2019

Improves safety without sacrificing performance.

Project Announced To Improve Highway Lighting
December 23, 2019

Project will upgrade highway lights with LED bulbs.

Record-Setting Transistor Created
December 20, 2019

Many of the technologies we rely on, from smartphones to wearable devices and more, utilize fast wireless communications.

Automated Way To Produce Polymers Developed
December 20, 2019

A Rutgers-led team of engineers has developed an automated way to produce polymers…

DOE Issues Final Determination For Standard 90.1-2016
December 19, 2019

Each state is required to certify that it has updated the provisions of its residential building code regarding energy efficiency.

Training Computers To Diagnose Human Injuries
December 19, 2019

Project goal is to facilitate more accurate medical diagnoses.

Firm Announces $175 Million Investment to Establish Regional Distribution Operation
December 18, 2019

New facility will allow the company to expand its East Coast distribution network.

UAS Used To Manage Mining Operations
December 18, 2019

Drones and manned aircraft to be used to manage mining operations and assets.

The World’s Strongest Silver Created
December 17, 2019

A team of scientists has made the strongest silver ever—42 percent stronger than the previous world record.

Hopes of Complex Life Rise With Exoplanet Axis Study
December 17, 2019

Astrophysicists at the Georgia Institute of Technology modeled a theoretical twin of Earth into other star systems called binary systems…

New Design Synergist Series Expands Lightfair Designer Experience
December 16, 2019

LightFair recently announced a call for speakers for its new Design Synergist program that will showcase lighting design thought leaders…

Composite Metal Foam As Effective As Steel and Weighs Less
December 16, 2019

Researchers have demonstrated that vehicle armor using composite metal foam (CMF) can stop ball and armor-piercing .50 caliber rounds as well as…

Project Aims To Make Mining More Efficient and Safer
December 13, 2019

Focus is on improving the efficiency of dust scrubbers in underground mining operations.

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