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Escape Respirator Challenge Launched
January 4, 2019

Recently, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Science and Technology Directorate (S&T) launched the Escape Respirator Challenge…

Device Developed To “See” Through Solid Objects
January 4, 2019

Camera-like device developed that generates and detects millimeter waves to “see” through solid objects.

Virginia Firm McKim & Creed Acquires Florida Company
January 3, 2019

McKim & Creed, Inc., which has an office in Norfolk and is one of the largest engineering and geomatics (surveying) firms headquartered in the Southeast, announced recently that it has acquired…

FIRST® Tech Challenge Charlottesville Qualifier In January 2019
January 3, 2019

FIRST Tech Challenge Charlottesville Qualifier is scheduled for January 5, 2019.

Theme Announced For 2019 Building Safety Month
January 2, 2019

The 2019 Building Safety Month theme is “No Code. No Confidence.”

2019 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference Scheduled
January 2, 2019

SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference and Exhibition is scheduled for February 5 – 7, 2019 …

3-D Printing Offers Helping Hand
December 31, 2019

Adaptive aids are expensive. Additive manufacturing, using low-cost 3-D printers, can save upwards of 94 percent for simple household items.

Soils Have A Role In Winter Too
December 31, 2019

Soils Matter, Soil Science Society of America’s science-based blog, provides insights to soils in winter and the organisms that live there.

Grant Awarded To Develop Advanced Space Exploration Infrastructure
December 28, 2018

Physics professor and Christopher Newport University (CNU) students are part of a team uncovering new properties of black holes.

Scientists Improve Crops With Field and Lab Data
December 28, 2018

Plant breeders need to know there’s good genetics in the crops they are developing.

Researchers Evaluating Powering Drones With Batteries
December 27, 2018

As part of a new program, Argonne’s researchers are evaluating what it takes to power drones with batteries.

Insight Into Swimming Fish May Lead To Advances In Robotics
December 27, 2018

The constant movement of fish that seems random is actually precisely deployed to provide them at any moment with the best sensory feedback they need to navigate the world…

Building Better Aerogels
December 26, 2018

Strong, flexible and ultralight aerogels are used in a wide variety of products, from insulation for offshore oil pipelines to parts for space exploration missions.

Over $1.5 Million in GO Virginia Grants Awarded
December 24, 2018

GO Virginia (Growth and Opportunity for Virginia) funding has been awarded for three regional projects.

Rice Studied As Possible Water Filter
December 24, 2018

An important component of our diets, new research shows that rice plants can be used to filter runoff from farms before it gets into rivers, lakes, and streams.

New Scheduling System May Help Reduce Flight Delays
December 21, 2018

Scheduling and coordinating air traffic can be difficult, but taking the airlines’ and passengers’ delay costs into account can actually save airlines money and result in fewer delays…

'Chameleon' Tattoos May Help Diagnose Illness
December 21, 2018

Carson Bruns, an assistant professor and chemist in the ATLAS Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder, is working to bring tattoos into the future.

VHB Expands Services In Mid-Atlantic Region
December 20, 2018

VHB announces its acquisition of Ecological Engineering, a 16-person, well-respected natural and water resources firm in Raleigh, NC.

New Implantable Weight-Loss Device Developed
December 20, 2018

New battery-free, easily implantable weight-loss devices developed by engineers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison could offer a promising new weapon for battling the bulge.

Inter-American Development Bank Selects Consulting Firm
December 19, 2018

Consultants will provide user needs assessments, design development, procurement support, and construction administration services.

United Engineering Foundation Grant Awarded To DiscoverE
December 18, 2018

DiscoverE has been awarded a grant from United Engineering Foundation (UEF) in support of its growing Introduce A Girl to Engineering program.

Sandia Develops HOT SHOT Program
December 18, 2018

A new rocket program could help cut research and development time for new weapons systems from as many as 15 years to less than five.

I-95 Northbound Bridge Over Meherrin River Opens
December 17, 2018

Wagman Heavy Civil, Inc. announces the opening of the northbound bridge on I-95 over the Meherrin River in Emporia, Va.

Promoting Powerful Healing With Better Bandage
December 17, 2018

A new, low-cost wound dressing developed by University of Wisconsin–Madison engineers could dramatically speed up healing in a surprising way.

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