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AHRI Publishes 2017 Edition of Standard AHRI 310/380-2017
August 28, 2017

Standard updated to align with DOE’s test procedures and minimum efficiency performance standards.

New Technology Could Lead To Wearable Biosensors
August 28, 2017

Researchers invent new ‘lab on a chip’ technology to monitor multiple biosensors.

ACI117 Becomes Joint Committee With ASCC
August 25, 2017

ACI 117 – Tolerances has become a joint committee of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC)…

Renewable Material Removes Toxic Pollutant From Drinking Water
August 25, 2017

Polymer may provide additional support for water purification efforts.

New Standard Helps Manage Construction-Related Erosion
August 24, 2017

The American Society of Civil Engineer’s (ASCE) new standard, Management Practices for Control of Erosion and Sediment from Construction Activities, Standard ANSI/ASCE/EWRI 66-17, establishes guidelines for…

Stormwater Engineering Services Contract Awarded
August 24, 2017

The project involves stormwater design, implementation and regulatory compliance.

Smart, Safe, Sustainable Manufacturing – FREE Technical Education Event
August 23, 2017

Two-day FREE event to explore manufacturing automation technologies, solutions and products through technical sessions, hands-on labs and trade-show environment.

PCARD May Redefine Military Resupply Efforts
August 23, 2017

Innovative ecosystem of smart products aims to efficiently resupply troops and reduce pack weight.

August 22, 2017

PBS announced recently that THE FARTHESTVOYAGER IN SPACE, a two-hour special about NASA’s historic Voyager mission to explore our solar system and beyond, will premiere nationally on August 23rd…

2017 Virginia Engineers Conference Announced
August 21, 2017

Annual, statewide educational conference is directed towards all engineers and principals of engineering firms in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Novel Alarm Designed To Improve Patient Safety
August 21, 2017

A multidisciplinary team from the Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) School of Engineering and the VCU School of Medicine wants to make it impossible to leave a wire inside the body accidentally during…

Dismal Swamp Canal Scheduled To Reopen
August 18, 2017

The Dismal Swamp Canal is scheduled to reopen to vessel traffic by the end of September…

Grant Awarded To Develop Cybersecurity Program
August 18, 2017

Old Dominion University (ODU) Engineering researchers were recently awarded The National Security Agency Cybersecurity Core Curricula Development Grant to develop…

Business “Jump Start” for Geoprofessional Managers Workshop Scheduled
August 17, 2017

This Geoprofessional Business Association (GBA) sponsored workshop will take place immediately prior to the 2017 Fall Conference to help you “jump-start” your business.

Technology Provides Unique Look At Solar Eclipse
August 17, 2017

Airborne Imaging and Recording System (AIRS) will provide highly detailed observations.

Lantz Construction Company Awarded Renovation Contract
August 16, 2017

Rouss City Hall to receive first major renovation in over 30 years.

Water Efficiency Improvement Act of 2017 Supported
August 16, 2017

The International Code Council (ICC) supports the Water Efficiency Improvement Act of 2017 introduced recently by New Mexico Senator Tom Udall and Ohio Senator Rob Portman.

New Contract Awarded For Stormwater And Wastewater Engineering Services
August 15, 2017

Three-member project team will address stormwater management and wastewater design and construction.

Biochar May Provide Solution For Contaminated Soils
August 15, 2017

Researchers seek solve two separate environmental challenges simultaneously.

Virginia Tech Expert To Study August Eclipse
August 14, 2017

August 21, 2017 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for many in the U.S. to see a total eclipse — but for scientists and engineers, it’s a chance to conduct research on systems we rely on for…

Study Shows Vegetation Alters Climate
August 14, 2017

Study reveals large potential for improving seasonal weather predictions.

Construction Begins On Experiment To Understand Neutrinos
August 11, 2017

In a unique groundbreaking ceremony on July 21st at the Sanford Underground Research Facility in Lead, S.D., an international group of dignitaries, scientists and engineers marked the start of construction of a massive experiment…

New Manual Aids Water Utilities In Asset Management
August 11, 2017

Recognizing the current state of individual pipelines and pipeline systems, enables water utilities to anticipate future issues.

Project Seeks To Advance Commercialization Of Enhanced Geothermal Systems
August 10, 2017

New effort aims to accelerate commercialization of enhanced geothermal systems.

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