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ACPA Plan April 18 Webinar on Concrete Pavement Joints
April 18, 2013

Register for the April 18 ACPA webinar, titled, “How to Design and Construct Better, Longer-Lasting Concrete Pavement Joints.”

Creating a Formula-Style Race Car from the Ground Up
April 17, 2013

Mechanical engineers from Old Dominion University are in the midst of designing a formula style race vehicle for an international competition.

Universities Tout Success of Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program
April 16, 2013

The Commonwealth Graduate Engineering Program (CGEP) provides unique online engineering education opportunities for graduate students.

Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee Joins Clark Nexsen
April 15, 2013

The architecture firm Pearce Brinkley Cease + Lee has officially joined Clark Nexsen.

Suffolk Selects MBP for Testing and Inspection Services
April 15, 2013

MBP bis pleased to announce that the City of Suffolk has selected the firm to provide testing and inspection services for its upcoming construction projects.

Ensuring I-Code Evaluation Report Compliance
April 11, 2013

The ICC Evaluation Service has updated its acceptance criteria to reflect revisions to the 2012 International Building Code and 2012 International Residential Code.

Virginia Tech Team Researches Hot Jet Noise Reduction
April 11, 2013

Virginia Tech’s College of Engineering is finding a way to reduce the deafening noise of jet engines as part of a project funded by the U.S. Office of Naval Research’s Hot Jet Noise Reduction program.

ANSI Requests Comments on New BSI Proposal
April 10, 2013

The American National Standards Institute invites all interested stakeholders to submit comments on the proposal from the British Standards Institution concerning requirements for an occupational health and safety management system.

MPB to Inspect Redskins New Training Facility
April 10, 2013

MBP is pleased to announce the firm will assist the Commonwealth of Virginia with construction inspection services for the Washington Redskins new Training Facility.

Virginia Tech Researchers Construct Large Robotic Jellyfish
April 9, 2013

The researchers’ goal is to place self-powering, autonomous machines in waters for the purposes of surveillance and monitoring the environment.

The Startup Class Gets Virginia Tech Research to Market
April 9, 2013

A Virginia Tech team is working on a better way to build a startup.

Virginia Tech Professor Receives ONR Cyber Security Grant
April 8, 2013

Danfeng “Daphne” Yao has received a grant from the Office of Naval Research (ONR) to quantitatively detect anomalies in Department of Defense (DOD) computers.

GAI Consultants Acquires Wisconsin-based Crispell-Snyder, Inc.
April 5, 2013

GAI Consultants, Inc. will acquire Wisconsin-based Crispell-Snyder, Inc. (CS).

ASCE Ethics and Leadership Award Nominations Open
April 5, 2013

Nominations are due June 1 for the American Society of Civil Engineers Professional Practice Ethics and Leadership Award.

ASFE to Host Webinar on Limitation of Liability
April 4, 2013

John P. Bachner, Executive Vice President, ASFE/The Geoprofessional Business Association will lead a webinar titled, Limitation of Liability.

New Survey Finds Americans Misjudge Fire Safety Risks
April 3, 2013

New SFPE Survey finds Americans feel safer at home than in a commercial or public building.

SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing Conference
April 2, 2013

The SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing (DSS) conference and exhibition is to be held in Baltimore Arpil 29 through May 3.

Bioengineered Appendages
April 1, 2013

Cornell bioengineers and physicians have created an artificial ear using 3-D printing and injectable molds.

Automatic Authorship Detection System Developed
April 1, 2013

A 10-year project led by Professor Derek Abbott has developed an automatic authorship detection system, using advanced software techniques to analyze author style based on commonly used words.

Plankton Adapt to Changing Ocean Temperatures
April 1, 2013

Many species, including many commercially important fish species, rely on the planktonic copepod nauplii.

Technology Extends Garden's Presentation to the Visually Impaired
March 29, 2013

A VCU School of Engineering professor and student are making information at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden available to the visually impaired.

ASFE Sponsors Webinar on Referrals
March 27, 2013

ASFE sponsors a webinar delivered by John P. Bachner on April 3, 2013 titled Gaining Referrals: Their Worth; Gaining More of Them.

ASFE/GBA Spring 2013 Meeting Agenda Available
March 26, 2013

The Meeting Overview and list of speakers for the ASFE/GBA Spring 2013 Meeting in Isle of Palms, South Carolina is available.

VCU Engineering Students Present Projects at 2013 Expo
March 26, 2013

Virginia Commonwealth University School of Engineering’s Senior Design Expo 2013 is scheduled for April 19 at the Science Museum of Virginia.

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