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'Molecular Computers' May Improve Cell Targeting Therapies
August 24, 2020

Laboratory breakthrough in cell targeting helps eliminate mutated cells while sparing healthy ones.

Novel Method Of Heat Conduction Development
August 24, 2020

Thermal diode could be a game changer for server farms and aircraft.

NFPA Announces Web-Based Certification Exam Preparation Programs
August 21, 2020

New NFPA web-based Learning Paths help a variety of professionals prepare for certification exams based on their time and educational need.

DOE Publishes Process Rule Final Installment
August 21, 2020

Key provisions of the rule are improved transparency and accountability.

Incorporating Solar Harvesting Into The Side Of Buildings Studied
August 20, 2020

If builders could incorporate solar harvesting into the siding of a building, the amount of energy from the grid…

Insights Into Process Of Wound Healing Discovered
August 20, 2020

When we get a wound on our skin, the cells in our bodies quickly mobilize to repair it.

LightFair Opens 2021 Conference Presenter Application
August 19, 2020

LightFair invites lighting thought leaders to apply to present at its 2021 Conference, May 16-20, 2021 in New York.

Solar Cells Made With Perovskite Show Promise
August 19, 2020

When it comes to the future of solar energy cells, say farewell to silicon and hello to calcium titanium oxide…

Team Advances In "Waves to Water Prize" Contest
August 18, 2020

Virginia Tech team advances to third stage of national competition.

America’s Transportation Awards Competition
August 18, 2020

America’s best transportation projects vie for prestigious awards.

New Hydroponic Greenhouse Facility Announced
August 17, 2020

New hydroponic greenhouse will produce leafy greens for distribution in the mid-Atlantic region.

ANSI Announces Outdated Standards Removal
August 17, 2020

Superseded and/or expired standards to be removed for ANSI’s approved database.

“Fool’s Gold” Electrically Transformed Into Magnetic Material
August 14, 2020

In a breakthrough new study, scientists and engineers have electrically transformed the abundant and low-cost non-magnetic material iron sulfide…

Exploring The Importance Of Testing For Soil Microbes
August 14, 2020

Soil microbes like bacteria, fungi and actinomycetes are important for many reasons.

IES Launches New University Membership
August 13, 2020

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) announces new University Membership Category to inspire the next generation of lighting professionals and support educators.

Early Success With LightFair 2021 Virtual Space Selection
August 13, 2020

LightFair is reporting positive reactions to its first-ever virtual space selection…

Creation Of A SPAR To Monitor Power Line Vibration
August 12, 2020

NSF CAREER award to support fundamental research.

NIBS Announces 2020 Annual Meeting
August 12, 2020

Topics will include technology, building performance, design, mitigation, green jobs, workforce development, and challenges COVID-19 brings to the built environment.

Unique Nanostructure Has Anti-Icing Properties
August 11, 2020

Research investigates a unique nanostructure, modeled on moth eyes, that has anti-icing properties.

Study Examines Sunflower Stem Growth
August 11, 2020

Examining the structure of a sunflower stem as it matures can help both the plant scientist and biomaterials engineer.

Biological Material Systems Provide Inspiration For New Materials Development
August 10, 2020

Research focuses on understanding the mechanical and multifunctional design of a variety of biological materials.

Molecular Decoy Could Block Viral Infections
August 10, 2020

Seaweed extract compounds may hold key to success.

Technique Invented That Could Transform Additive Manufacturing Processes
August 7, 2020

One of the most widely used manufacturing processes, selective laser sintering (SLS), prints parts out of micron-scale material powders using a laser…

Researchers 3D Print Functioning Human Heart Pump
August 7, 2020

Researchers have 3D printed a functioning centimeter-scale human heart pump in the lab.

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