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AHRI Announces Standard 340/360-2019 Available
March 20, 2019

The Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has announced the publication of a new edition of AHRI Standard 340/360 (I-P)-2019, Performance Rating of Commercial and Industrial Unitary Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Equipment, which is available for free download on the AHRI website.

This new edition contains the following revisions to the 2015 Edition of AHRI Standard 340/360:
• Consolidated airflow and static pressure language into one central section.
• Expanded definitions to include ICM and OUM.
• Added language to provide a hierarchy of decisions when testing issues arise.
• Removed corrections for barometric pressure.
• Added capacity corrections when additional line length is used in testing.
• Added language to clarify refrigerant charge requirements.
• Harmonized operating conditions with AHRI 210/240, and included makeup water for evaporative cooled equipment.
• Added new provisions for testing units with no filters.
• Incorporated test tolerances from ASHRAE 37 with new additions for voltage and dew point measurements.
• Added procedures to Appendix C and Appendix E.
• Updated Appendix D, Unit configuration, from informative to normative.
• Added Appendix F for International Rating Conditions.

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