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AHRI Publishes New Compressor Standard
June 26, 2017

The Air Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI) has announced that a new compressor standard, AHRI Standard 545, Performance Rating of Modulating Positive Displacement Refrigerant Compressors, is now available to download on the AHRI website. This standard is used in conjunction with AHRI Standard 540, Performance Rating of Positive Displacement Refrigerant Compressors and Compressor Units, as it references AHRI 540 for definitions, test requirements, published rating requirements (including published performance in the form of a 10 coefficient polynomial equation), and performance rating uncertainties.

AHRI Standard 545 defines minimum requirements to publish part-load operating map ratings for modulating compressors, including compressors utilizing pulse width modulation. This new standard has been developed in cooperation with the Association of European Refrigeration Component Manufacturers (ASERCOM) to harmonize, where possible, with rating conditions, tolerances, and presentation of manufacturer’s performance data for EN12900 refrigerant compressors.

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