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AMEC Wins Role In Tunneling Project
July 9, 2007

AMEC, the international project management and services company, has been selected by STV/Ralph Whitehead Associates to provide geotechnical engineering services for the $150 million Norfolk Southern Railway tunnels enlargement project in the “Heartland Corridor” states of Virginia, West Virginia, Kentucky and Ohio.

Twenty-eight tunnels are to be enlarged vertically to enable double-stacking of containers on rail cars. The tunnels range in length from 174 feet to 3,302 feet. Currently trains must take an alternate route that is 200 miles longer if they are double stacked. It is anticipated that double stacking on the “Heartland Corridor” will reduce truck traffic, thereby improving highway safety and air quality. The overall construction period is estimated to take three years.

AMEC will conduct a peer review of tunnel design and construction documents and then provide a team for tunnel inspection and construction management services. AMEC’s geotechnical unit in Nashville, Tenn. has a 20-year history of working for Norfolk Southern Railway and has performed numerous geotechnical engineering and tunnel rehabilitation projects.

In addition to the tunnel modifications, the construction management team will be responsible for other elements of the Heartland Corridor project, including modification of seven through truss bridges, lowering of tracks at three overhead bridges, modification of nine slide-detection fences, and raising of three sets of overhead wires.

Construction activities will be performed while maintaining rail traffic along this heavy-tonnage route.

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