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Answers Vary On IPD Study
July 14, 2010

Many architecture and engineering leaders believe integrated project delivery (IPD) – architects, engineers, owners, and contractors and subcontractors working collaboratively as a team from the inception of a project and sharing the benefits and risks– is riddled with too many unknowns to even consider at this point, a recent survey by The Zweig Letter, the flagship publication of ZweigWhite.

Participants in the survey held in late May said the lack of specific insurance protection products, no vetting in the courts, and the sheer difficulty of assembling a group of people with a common goal, are all listed as impediments to IPD.

Despite the jitters, a number of design firms are pushing the concept, which is seen as a way of producing better projects at lower costs, ultimately. An evenly split majority of respondents (75%) said that they have either tried or are considering IPD.

The most common responses focused on inertia, finding partners who think alike, fear of the “point of no return” with IPD, lack of specific liability coverage, legal unknowns, technological challenges, and reluctance to adopt existing IPD contracts, among others.

Nevertheless, many among the skeptics are at least willing to give IPD a try. According to the survey, 44% of respondents said they would join an IPD team if they could find the right partners. Another 26% said they would entertain the concept if insurance products were available, and a further 26% said they are waiting to see how the courts look at litigation involving IPD before looking deeper.

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