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Army Corps Dredges Rudee Inlet
November 16, 2009

Currituck pumps bring in filtered sand at the opening of Rudee Inlet in Virginia Beach, Va. (U.S. Army photo: Pamela Spaugy).

According to information available from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Norfolk District, from Oct. 19th to 23rd, the Corps’ only split-hull dredge, the Currituck, called Virginia Beach, Va., home. The 150-foot long, 484-ton dredge moored at Rudee Inlet during that time and is the only vessel capable of navigating shallow channels and removing sand from the shoals and deepening navigational channels.

The Currituck, which spends most its time working the coastline from Florida to Maine, operates seven days a week. The Currituck, which holds up to 15 dump trucks of sand per load, deepened the channel two feet and replenished the north side jetty of Croatan Beach.

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