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ASCE to Hasten Manuscript Availability
June 10, 2009

Every year, new research and information that can help advance the practice of civil engineering becomes available to the professional community. In an effort to get that information out into the professional community as quickly as possible, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has launched a new service, “Preview Manuscripts”, that gives the authors of its journal articles the opportunity to have their work published online within 72 hours of acceptance into one of the Society’s 31 journals.

While a final copy-edited version of each article will still be published online and in print, the new service will allow the latest civil engineering research to become available at least six months to a year in advance. The peer-reviewed manuscripts will be accessible to ASCE’s journal subscribers, with abstracts being searchable at and full text PDFs being downloadable on each journal’s Preview Manuscripts page. Preview Manuscripts will also be citable by their official publication date and unique digital object identifier.

Visit online for more information on the Preview Manuscripts service.

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