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ASFE Announces Lunch-and-Learn Seminar
April 14, 2010

Workplace harassment is the newest topic to be addressed by the Lunch-and-Learn Seminar series developed by ASFE/The Geoprofessional Business Association. Created by ASFE’s Education Committee, each Lunch-and-Learn Seminar is designed for in-house application during lunch or at the end of the workday. Each seminar “package” includes usage instructions, a list of resources (available from ASFE and/or other sources), instructor’s notes and script, and a hand-out participants can use to take “fill-in-the-blank” notes on key issues. Each Lunch-and-Learn Seminar also includes a PowerPoint slide presentation.

ASFE Lunch-and-Learn seminars are available to the public at $150 each. They can be accessed at ASFE’s website,

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