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ASFE Develops New Membership Categories
March 2, 2011

Contractors may now be involved in ASFE/The Geoprofessional Business Association as part of an overall associate membership expansion designed to increase the organization’s outreach. The new Collaborative Member category applies to all “geocontractors” whether or not they offer in-house design services.

Separate associate memberships are also now available for federal, state, and local government employees. Formerly, the government-employee category was part of ASFE’s “Practitioner” category, still available to geoprofessionals employed by entities not eligible to become ASFE-Member Firms, such as industrial and other client organizations, trade associations, and other institutions. ASFE associate membership has long been available to faculty members and now is available to students as well.

According to ASFE President James W. “Jay” Martin, P.E. (AMEC Earth & Environmental), “ASFE’s purpose is to maximize the geoprofessions’ importance and value to the marketplace. We need all geoprofessionals to get behind this effort, meaning that ASFE needs to have all types of geoprofessionals involved with what we’re doing.” He added that individual associate members and contractor’s representatives may serve on ASFE committees and attend all ASFE meetings.

All of ASFE’s associate membership categories are by-invitation only. Individuals and firms can be nominated by members or they can request an invitation from ASFE’s headquarters staff. The number of Collaborative Members permitted to join is limited. ASFE also offers a Consultant associate-membership category, used mostly by attorneys, but also some management and financial consultants.

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