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ASFE Fundamentals of Professional Practice Class 19
August 12, 2009

There’s still time to enroll participants in Fundamentals of Professional Practice (FOPP) Class 19. ASFE can help you with the cost by allowing you to s t r e t c h your payments; e.g, pay for remote instruction in full by February 15th of 2010, when – with any luck — your cash flow will be a torrent! In case you are not familiar with FOPP, it’s described at the ASFE website. In essence, it comprises two elements: a remote-study portion and an in-person 2½-day seminar. The remote study takes six months. It involves reading two books; one on professional practice and the other on the history of engineering in the U.S. (Rising Tide). It also involves completing six open-book quizzes designed to help ensure the reading gets done in a timely fashion.

Remote study also includes performance of a research assignment, typically one designed to help a firm improve. Participants can make up an assignment of their own, or choose from the more-than-60 posted to the ASFE website. Each research report submission (proposal, first draft, and final) is commented on by John Bachner, who plays the role of a gruff, unpleasant, but fair client representative. John makes himself gruff and unpleasant principally via his editorial comments on participants’ submissions, including all cover letters and e-mails. The remote study portion is designed to help participants understand that they need to perform their services timely and well. They also need to communicate effectively. It is also designed to help create mentoring relationships in your firm.

The 2½-day seminar, in Colorado in March, is an intense experience that requires participants to speak in public, resolve disputes, learn what really happened at the KC Hyatt, discuss case histories, and learn about important communication techniques. And much, much more, including the fact that there are a number of other young professionals out there with whom they can enjoy collegial relationships.

Reserve now by calling any member of ASFE staff; by e-mailing,, or or sign up at the website itself.

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