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ASFE Legacy Materials Now Available Free
June 25, 2008

Now available on the ASFE website, free of charge, a fabulous archive of leadership lessons, based on interviews, panel discussions, and presentations at ASFE’s 2003 Fall Meeting, in Monterey, California. Each interview, panel discussion, and presentation is presented on its own DVD. Originally developed on ASFE’s behalf by the Engineers’ Leadership Foundation, the material was designed to help leaders of the future learn from leaders of the past, given that being a leader today requires much of the same knowledge it did 25, 50, even 1,000 years ago. We have much to learn from those who came before us – their mistakes and successes alike. The participants in Monterey were some of the most illustrious of ASFE’s founders.

Order these great materials now. Just go to, click to Publications/Materials, then select the “Legacy Materials” category.

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