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ASFE New Issue Released
May 5, 2006 ASFE has been busy the past six months. Do you know with what? You should, in case you’ve missed something valuable. It’s all covered in their April 2006 issue of Doing It. Some of the highlights: – Bringing home the bacon – IBP: Out to launch – Simplifying the nation’s accreditation and certification programs – Pay-if-paid issue about resolved – Residential foundation standard will be guidance only – Specialty certification is on the way – Six key issues predicted to affect your future – New model contract provisions for CoMET firms – Audio ed goes MP3 – Sustainability seen as “opportunity of a lifetime” for Member Firms – LoL state of the practice – Financial Performance Survey results are enlightening – Peer Review: Silk purses while you wait – Money-back membership guarantee – FOPP 16 enrollment is open now – Mold survey goes into final stage – Branding continues – Model Daily Field Report revised – Field Representative’s Reference Guide

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