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ASFE NewsLog Available
January 6, 2010

ASFE The Best People on Earth have readied the November/December 2009 issue of the ASFE NewsLog. Log in to read and enjoy.

Highlights of the issue:

  • Windows 7: “To upgrade or not to upgrade, that is the question” along with “Which upgrade should we get?” and “When should we get it?” We asked ASFE CIO Sarah Lanning for answers, and she obliged. (Bottom line: It depends).
  • Millions of Americans are sickened each year because of failing water infrastructure. Is your firm poised to help? If not, should it be?
  • Talk about green: Hemcrete is stronger than concrete and offers numerous sustainability benefits. But, in the U.S., you need a doctor’s prescription to manufacture it.
  • Unlike M.D., Esq., and C.P.A., P.E. indicates state licensure. Do you violate the law by adding it to your name for possible reading in states where you are not licensed?

Visit the ASFE web site for more.

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