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ASFE Offers Guarantee To New Members
September 12, 2005

In what may be a first for nonprofit associations, ASFE/The Best People on Earth is offering to refund the application fee and all dues paid by firms that request their money back at the end of one year of membership. ASFE helps geoprofessional, environmental, and civil engineering firms “prosper through professionalism.”

ASFE “already has one of the highest membership retention rates of all similar associations,” said John Bachner, the organization’s executive vice president. “Our goal is to make it pain-free for eligible firms to give us a try. If they find we’re not of value, we’ll refund their application fee ($250) as well as all dues paid.” Dues in the association are based on a firm’s gross annual receipts.

ASFE’s resources comprise a wide array of manuals, guides, insert sheets, programs, et al. to help member firms enhance their management skills and to “delight their clients and client representatives.” Almost all the resources are available free of charge to every employee of every member firm. “We know for a fact that use of ASFE resources can have a dramatic effect on a firm’s bottom line,” Bachner said, “by reducing its exposure to liability losses and by enhancing its profitability.”

For the past decade, ASFE has encouraged member firms to pay more in dues than required, because, according to Bachner, “so many member firm representatives have said that ASFE gives them more ‘bang for the dues buck’ than any other association. Each year, more than one of every three member firms gives us more than they have to. It’s very satisfying.”

To get its money back, a firm would have to join and stay a member for one year. During that time, it would also have to have at least one representative attend an ASFE national meeting. At the end of the year a firm would have 30 days in which to ask for a refund. It would then return to ASFE all the “high- end” materials it obtained free (e.g., CDs, CD ROMs, books, et al. that sell for more than $100 each) and ASFE would then refund the firm’s application fee and dues.

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