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ASHRAE Funds Plugged In! Experience
March 13, 2009

From computers to popcorn poppers to hair dryers, energy use in dormitories often runs rampant due an overload of appliances. To help students gain a better understanding of how being plugged in impacts building energy use, the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE) is funding a teaching project for students at the University of Oregon. The students will be challenged to develop a better understanding of personal and broad-scale energy consumption and how appliance selection and behavior modification can impact energy use through a hands-on experience, known as Plugged In!. The project was one of 13 grants funded by ASHRAE through its senior undergraduate project grant program.

The grants, totaling some $65,000, are awarded by ASHRAE to colleges and universities worldwide to promote the study and teaching of HVAC&R, encouraging undergraduate students to pursue related careers. The grants are used to design and construct projects. For more information, visit the ASHRAE Student Zone.

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