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ASM Education Seminars
February 21, 2008

Twelve American Society for Metals International (ASM) Education seminars on topics ranging from heat treating to oilfield metallurgy will be held from March 3 – April 30 at the world headquarters of ASM International in Materials Park, Ohio, located east of Cleveland.

• Introduction to Heat Treating, March 3-5, taught by Bill Mankins, provides a fundamental understanding of the structure of steel and how it can be modified to suit a particular application.
• Advanced Heat Treating, March 6-7, also taught by Bill Mankins, discusses advanced concepts in thermal and thermochemical surface treatments, such as case hardening, as well as principles of thermal engineering (furnace design) and process troubleshooting.
• Principles of Failure Analysis, March 3-7, is taught by Ron Parrington, who presents a very practical approach to failure analysis for those new to the field or those who want an update. Participants will spend approximately 30 percent of their class-time studying comprehensive failure analysis case histories in a hands-on workshop.
• Metallographic Techniques, March 10-14, will be taught by Nat Saenz. ASM’s most popular hands-on lab course shows how to prepare a variety of hard, soft, ferrous, and nonferrous alloys. Participants will use manual and semiautomatic preparation techniques.
• Metallurgy for the Non Metallurgist, March 10-14, will be led by Dr. Robert W. Messler, Jr. The course provides an understanding of what metals are, how they behave, and why they behave differently from other materials.
–Wear and Corrosion of Materials, March 25-28, will be taught by Dr. Frederick Schmidt. The course presents the fundamentals of corrosion, helping participants to recognize corrosion problems, determine their causes, and understand and select control methods.
• Aluminum & Its Alloys, April 7-11, brings instructor Kevin Anderson to Materials Park for a seminar on one of the most important and versatile metal families.
• Practical Heat Treating, April 14-18, is taught by David Pye and covers the “how-tos” of heat treating, providing a useful overview for a wide spectrum of personnel who work with heat treatment.
• Titanium and Its Alloys, April 14-18, is led by Prabir Chaudhury. Participants will learn about this versatile family of metals with applications in the aerospace, marine, and biomedical industries, among others.
• Mechanical Testing of Metals, April 21-25, is a hands-on introduction to standard mechanical testing taught by Bill Mankins.
• Refractory Technology, April 21-25, is taught by Carl Frahme and provides an in-depth look at modern refractory technology, refractory materials and their applications in various industries.
• Oilfield Metallurgy, April 28-30, taught by Paul Kovach, is one of ASM’s newest seminars. Focus is on in-service corrosion; materials for drilling production, surface processing, and transport; and failure analysis of oilfield materials.

For more information and to register: E-mail the ASM Customer Service Center at or visit and click on Lifelong Learning.

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