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New Standard ISO 26000 To Be Released
August 4, 2010

A new international standard on social responsibility (SR), ISO 26000, Guidance on Social Responsibility, will be made available this November through ASQ (American Society for Quality). ASQ serves as the U.S. TAG (Technical Advisory Group) secretariat to ISO Working Group 26, developers of ISO 26000.

The standard focuses on seven key aspects of social responsibility: organizational governance, community involvement and development, environment, fair operating practices, consumer issues, labor practices and human rights. While ASQ embodies and supports all seven subjects, it initially is concentrating on the areas that will deliver the greatest value to the quality community: organizational governance; environment; and community involvement and development.

ASQ is developing concepts, tools and techniques to help organizations achieve SR business results. And as part of its growing effort to assume a leadership role locally and internationally in the SR movement, ASQ created the Socially Responsible Organization (SRO) initiative.

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