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ASSE Addresses the Safety Implications of Greening
January 31, 2008

How safety, health and environmental (SH&E) professionals are working to eliminate or reduce risks connected to ‘greening’ efforts are featured in the new American Society of Safety Engineers’ (ASSE) Hospitality Branch’s Safety Implications of Greening white paper released recently.

The Safety Implications of Greening white paper provides the framework for SH&E professionals to begin or enhance greening efforts within their organizations. It includes a history of greening in the hospitality industry, key greening issues and their risks and benefits, examples of greening programs in the hospitality industry, and tips for starting a greening program.

In putting this paper together, members of the ASSE hospitality, environmental and healthcare branch provided greening success stories and customer responses.

ASSE and its members continue to work with their employers and communities on “going green” along with addressing and finding solutions for SH&E issues connected with those efforts. The Safety Implications of Greening white paper is another resource they can use.

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