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Assembly & Test White Paper on Test-Centric Assembly
March 19, 2009

Engineers seeking new ways to cut costs and increase throughput of test-intensive assembly operations can now obtain a technical guide discussing “Test-Centric Assembly” from InterTech Development Company, whose Testing Applications Lab is credited with both coining the term “test-centric assembly” and pioneering many of the methods and techniques outlined in the white paper.

“Test-Centric Assembly” is best defined as the upfront consideration of real-world test requirements in test-intensive assembly operations that is proven to lower production line inefficiencies. The contents of the technical guide include: discussion of in-line vs. in-process testing; differentiating between defective parts vs. defective tests; differences in fixture design for testing vs. assembly; comparing generic vs. customized software for testing applications; and related cost-savings of various assembly & test techniques. The white paper is available at no charge and can be obtained by writing to

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