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ASTM International Releases Video: “Connecting the Dots”
December 5, 2017

ASTM International, one of the world’s leading providers of standards and related services, recently released a new video that tells the organization’s story through the eyes of a technical expert as she goes to work, develops standards, uses helpful tools, and builds partnerships.

The video was shown at the kickoff of two concurrent ASTM International “committee week” events in Houston and New Orleans where thousands of the organization’s members will create and update standards. The Houston meetings involve fields such as petroleum, bioenergy, and commercial spaceflight while the New Orleans meetings involve cement, concrete, masonry, road materials, roofing, rubber, carbon black, fire safety, and more.

The video is also available with Spanish and Mandarin voiceovers.

The organization also released a new brochure that overviews its mission areas, available here.

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