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Automatic Self Cleaning Filtration System Announced
July 6, 2006

Riveer Environmental, a leading innovator in effective, efficient washing systems that meet the EPA Clean Water Act, has announced the development of an automatic self cleaning filtration system that eliminates the toughest maintenance issue with filtration systems. Mud from the settling chamber is automatically conveyed to an external self dumping hopper for easy disposal.

The Cyclonator III® system has a large 850-gallon stainless steel settling chamber with inclined plate sheer walls. The Cyclonator III is easy to operate with one-button operation. System is simple to operate and easy to maintain, (no service contract required).

Cyclonator III can be used with your existing sump or Riveer Environmental above ground steel wash racks. The modular design allows system expansion to meet growing equipment needs and a robust, stainless steel structure ensures years of corrosion- and trouble-free operation.

The system’s closed-loop design prevents groundwater contamination to comply with U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations. With nearly a decade of designing wash systems to meet specific site needs, the Riveer engineering staff can customize the Cyclonator III to individual requirements.

For more information about the Cyclonator III system, visit

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