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Automation Federation Strategies Evolve
March 10, 2008

The Automation Federation Board of Directors will engage in its third annual strategic planning session in April to discuss the accomplishments, developments, and future plans of the umbrella organization. The Federation members WBF, the Open Modular Architecture Controls Users’ Group (OMAC), the Wireless Industrial Networking Alliance (WINA) and the International Society for Measurement & Control (ISA) have been focused on the critical industry issue of workforce development, and The Federation has started to establish a strong footprint on Capitol Hill as the voice of automation.

Phase I of the Automation Federation evolution was completed recently when current Managing Director and start-up maven Bruno Kisala announced his intention to relocate to the Virginia area. Patrick Gouhin, secretary of the Automation Federation’s Board of Directors, will serve as the interim Managing Director. He has established an experienced staff team that has been working with the member organizations since the inception of the Federation. This transition team will ensure that existing programs and plans are executed and oversee the Board’s creation of strategic business plans for 2009 and beyond that will lead to Phase II of development. Consistent with the revalidation of vision and mission for Phase II, the board will assess necessary skills and competencies needed in a Managing Director moving forward prior to deciding on how to find a long term replacement for Kisala.

The member organizations of the Automation Federation have all experienced areas of growth in recent months.

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