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Battelle Awarded $32.6 Million Task-Order Contract Renewal
July 6, 2009

Battelle was recently awarded the renewal of a technical support contract with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics (OPPT). This five-year task-order contract has a value of $32.6 million.

Battelle will deliver technical and programmatic support to OPPT in continuing its mission to help protect children and other human populations from adverse health effects resulting from exposure to chemicals and other toxic substances.

Working across the EPA’s risk paradigm for the past 27 years, Battelle will continue to conduct projects ranging from hazard characterization and exposure assessment through risk characterization to risk management. Major areas of emphasis will include the Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, the High Production Volume (HPV) Challenge Program, the Chemical Assessment and Management (ChAMP) Program, as well as technical support for many other chemicals of concern, including mercury and PCBs, among others.

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