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Battelle Awarded Contract by EPA
December 21, 2007

Battelle was recently awarded a National Watershed Protection Program contract by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). The five-year IDIQ task order contract has a potential ceiling of $75 million. Under this contract, Battelle will provide technical support for advancing the protection and restoration of the nation’s watersheds and water bodies through the use of point and nonpoint source controls and the development of tools for ecosystem restoration and, ultimately, improving water quality.

The contract will be managed by Battelle’s Environmental Product Line, which specializes in a science-based approach to manage and protect water resources. Battelle has managed EPA’s Oceans and Coastal Protection Division (OCPD) technical support contract since 1985, providing a wide range of marine and coastal science technical services to EPA headquarters and Regional offices. Battelle currently manages a total 13 prime contracts in support of EPA.

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