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Battelle Secures Patent For Electrode Gel
January 1, 2007

Battelle was issued a patent recently for an innovative electrode gel designed to improve patient comfort during EEG procedures by eliminating the need for aggressive skin abrasion. The technology also may enhance the effectiveness of other diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

The gel is formulated to rapidly permeate the skin, increasing conductivity and eliminating the need for aggressive skin preparation/abrasion for EEG testing. The gel is intended to maximize patient comfort and minimize the adverse effects of EEG testing. In addition, the conductive characteristics of the gel may enhance transdermal drug delivery and transdermal or trans-mucosal movement of body fluids for non-invasive diagnostic tests. The enhanced electrode gel technology is available for license or acquisition.

Battelle Medical Device Solutions delivers integrated engineering and life science capabilities through a comprehensive set of research and development services including applied research, device development, pre-clinical and clinical research, and sustaining engineering. Clients include medical device, biotechnology, and pharmaceutical companies serving a wide range of therapeutic and diagnostic markets.

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