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BBG Inc., Passes Test
September 29, 2005

BBG Incorporated, a Virginia-based corporation providing turnkey electronic design and product development services, announced recently that it successfully passed an environmental test of the Aeroshell Video Unit developed for the High Altitude Deployment Demonstration of the MARS Airplane.

The Mars Airplane is part of NASA’s missions to acquire and transmit data from Mars’ atmosphere for scientific study. The High Altitude Deployment Demonstration, scheduled for early 2006, will be performed in Hawaii and will test the MARS airplane to an altitude of 120,000 feet.

BBG’s Aeroshell Video Unit (AVU) will monitor and store eight video camera inputs while downlinking a real-time quad video image of four video cameras. During the balloon release and airplane extraction phases, the AVU will record eight video inputs and then downlink the recorded video channels until the system completes its mission and crashes into the ocean.

“This opportunity is a real challenge for BBG, requiring state of the art technology coupled with years of practical experience to produce a design that will operate at the extreme temperatures and pressures associated with sea level to space requirements. Our recent environmental test took us from sea level to 80,000 feet at temperatures from -73oC to 34oC,” said James Black, President of BBG Incorporated.

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