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Black Engineer of the Year Conference
February 4, 2008

According to a recent report by the President’s Information Technology Advisory Committee, “There is, without a doubt, a vast untapped talent pool in the United States among women and minorities currently underrepresented in engineering and information sciences.”

The African-American community is rich in modern-day inventors, technical innovators, gifted scientists, and budding engineers working in all fields of business. In celebration, the elite of this accomplished ensemble of professionals will be applauded for their achievements at the 22nd Annual Black Engineer of the Year Awards Ceremony, on Saturday, February 16, 2008, at the Baltimore Convention Center,

The Awards Ceremony is the culminating event of the Black Engineer of the Year Awards Conference. Sponsored by US Black Engineer & Information Technology magazine, the Council of Engineering Deans of the Historically Black Colleges and Universities, and Lockheed Martin Corporation, this three-day national conference continues to bring together students, college administrators, recruiters, engineering and IT professionals, scientists, and high-level decision makers from the corporate, government, and military communities, in an effort to broaden diversity in today’s technical and scientific work force.

For more information about the 2008 Black Engineer of the Year Awards Conference including a list of activities, please visit

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