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ACPA Schdules "Bonded Concrete Overlays on Asphalt" Webinar
February 14, 2011

The American Concrete and Pavement Association (ACPA) Webinar #1, Bonded Concrete Overlays on Asphalt, is scheduled for Tuesday, February 15th from 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 (Central). It will be presented by Michael E. Ayers, Ph.D., Education & Training Consultant to ACPA.

The demand for concrete overlays has never been stronger, as agencies facing limited roadbuilding and repair dollars are discovering the advantages of durable, versatile, and economical (yes, economical) concrete overlays. This webinar focuses specifically on the use of bonded concrete overlays of asphalt pavements, which are used to rehabilitate flexible pavements that are in fair or better structural condition and have moderate to severe surface distress.

One of six concrete overlay types, bonded concrete overlays on asphalt pavements (BCOA) are in high demand as agencies seek cost-effective, durable solutions to meet budgetary constraints and performance demands. This course will touch on design considerations (20%), construction tips and techniques (60%), and post-construction considerations such as utility cuts, restoration, and repairs (20%).

ACPA awards up to 1 professional development hour (PDH) credit for this 60 minute course. (Course is 60 minutes … Please allow extra time for questions and administrative time.)

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