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Brownfield Professional Criteria Established
June 16, 2006 The Institute of Brownfield Professionals (IBP) has established “initial criteria” for awarding its Registered Brownfield Professional (R.B.P.) designation to qualified environmental professionals. According to IBP Executive Director John P. Bachner, the criteria are “initial” because they apply only to engineers, geologists, or other environmental professionals licensed or certified by a government entity. He said that “criteria for other individuals are being developed. The Board has established a draft proposal that we want to have reviewed by an advisory committee comprising representatives of organizations whose memberships include candidate R.B.P.s as well as owners, developers, and others who require the services of an R.B.P.”

To become an R.B.P., an individual must:

1. be licensed as a professional engineer or professional geologist, or be licensed, certified, or otherwise recognized (to the satisfaction of the Board of Directors) as an environmental professional (e.g., “Licensed Site Professional”) by a state, the District of Columbia, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, a tribe, or a U.S. territory;
2. furnish a copy of the license or licenses involved;
3. possess three years of relevant experience during which the individual at some time: designed exploration programs undertaken in furtherance of environmental evaluations; evaluated and characterized subsurface and other samples obtained as part of exploration programs undertaken in furtherance of environmental evaluations; developed site-specific remediation plans; and served as principal author of reports detailing results of exploration programs undertaken in furtherance of environmental evaluations;
4. identify at least two projects where the relevant experience was gained (provide a description of no more than 150 words for each, and identify whom the Institute can contact to verify information); and
5. submit a statement signed by a Registered Brownfield Professional, or by the individual’s supervisor or another individual acceptable to the Board of Directors, attesting to the individual’s good moral character and to the fact that the individual actually has the experience the individual claims to have.

Established in 2004, the Institute of Brownfield Professionals is an educational organization whose mission is to:

  • provide a forum for discussion of business, regulatory, and technical issues of common interest;
  • represent members in regulatory matters;
  • provide educational and training media and fora to advance members’ knowledge and capabilities;
  • certify the apparent capabilities of environmental professionals; and
  • promote members’ availability to serve those who need the services of environmental professionals.

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