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Bury+Partners Named In Zweig Letter
July 11, 2006

Bury was named Number 10 on the Zweig Letter’s 2006 Hot Firm List of the 100 fastest-growing architecture, engineering, planning and environmental consulting firms in the United States. Rapidly
climbing revenues and a tremendous increase in staff size attribute to Bury’s 133% growth in three years. “Growth is essential for a sustainable future. One of our core values is to provide opportunities for our employees personally and professionally; unification, focus and profitability afford us that occasion,” stated Paul Bury, President.

As a testimony to Bury ’s rise to the top, the firm has been selected for many high-profile projects recently such as the Federal Reserve Bank in Richmond,VA, the United States National Slavery Museum in Fredericksburg,VA, the Robert Mueller Municipal Airport Redevelopment in Austin,TX, and the GBRA and Sustainable Water Resources LLC regional water supply partnership project in Central Texas.

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