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iMatSci Innovation Showcase Calls For Innovators
June 26, 2018

Launched at the 2014 Materials Research Society (MRS) Fall Meeting, the iMatSci Innovation Showcase provides a platform for independent technology leaders and those at universities, research labs and start-up companies to demonstrate the practical applications of their materials-based technologies.


With a goal of spurring collaboration that will accelerate the adoption of new materials technologies for real-world applications, iMatSci connects these innovators with early-stage investors, corporate technology scouts, R&D professionals and potential partners, all under one platform.

The iMatSci Innovation Showcase is designed to exhibit technologies that have not yet been productized but where there is a working prototype or evidence of a repeatable process. The entities behind these innovations will generally be pre-revenue and seed-stage innovators that are actively seeking partners, funding or avenues for moving towards product commercialization; however, iMatSci will also consider showcasing innovative technologies that are emerging from an existing corporate entity.

Interested in being an innovator at iMatSci this year? Visit

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